Mistress of All the Stars

Fiery Leopard, Panther Queen


One thing I could say about me is that I'm creative. I write short stories, poetry and fantasy novels. I love nature and consider it sacred. I love flowers, especially roses. I love storms. I like to paint, make beaded necklaces and would love to learn to make masks. I love martial arts--deadly grace and lethal beauty. I love swords and would one day love to learn how to sword fight.

Honor and integrity are two ethical principles I think are important.

I'm Kemetic Orthodox. I'm a Heathen.

I follow Aset, the Fierce Mistress of Magic, Nebet Het, the Lady of Sorrow and Change, Wepwawet, the Warrior Who Opens the Way; Sekhmet-Mut, the Lioness Lady of Healing and Ra, the Lord of the Sun. I honor Frigga, the Clever Queen of Asgard, Idunna, the Goddess of Renewal and Apples, Thor, the God of Thunder and Protection and Skadhi, the Huntress of Mountains and Plains. I follow Oya, the Multi-Colored Queen of the Wind and Rain, Yemoja, the Mother of the Waters and Elegba, Lord of the Crossroads.
I honor the Ancestors, the Akhu, the shining ones and the Disir, the Ancestral Mothers.

As I believe the deities created us and are reflected in us, if you know these deities you know something about me.

I am the Goddess of Who I can Become. I mix the magic of the sorceress with the blade of a warrior. I walk the liminal pathways to see the face of the Goddess, both terrible and kind. As She stares back at me, I tremble in awe and ecstasy.

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I am a Shemsu in the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer. My name is TahekerutAset, meaning "Aset's Jewel". My Spiritual Parent is Aset and my Beloveds are Nebet Het, Wepwawet and Sekhmet-Mut.