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Aset Oracle Divinations

I'm offering a service to channel messages via prose or poetry from Aset for clients. The questions would need to focus on spirituality, religion or Egyptian gods. No health or love related questions.

Questions Not to Ask

For love related questions, Aset said to me: "That's not My purview. Ask Hethert (Hathor)."

For questions about if the gods love you, Aset said: "Of course We love you. We made you. We love you. Our disappointment in you does not take away Our love nor does Our pride in your accomplishments. We love you no matter what."

For Health related questions, Aset said to me: "Go to a doctor." So please do not ask these types of questions.

Topics to Types of Questions Aset will Answer

Ka Healing/Cleansing Life Force


Devotions including devotions to Aset and to other Egyptian gods


Healing (magical or spiritual)

Sovereignty or Personal Power

Alignment of Souls or Know Who You Are

And other topics. Ask if you have a question in mind, and I can see if She'll answer.

What I do

I will give Aset an offering, light a candle and ask your question. I will record Her answer and email it to you.
Send questions to my email at: lotusjewel4 AT gmail.com. All questions, the content of readings and clients' names are kept confidential.
Please allow ample time for the reading. This could be a few days to a week.

To Ask a Question I Need
Your Name
Your Question (please be as specific as possible)
Your Email or Contact information so I can send you the results

How Much Background Information I Need

I need enough background information to understand the question, but not enough that I need to read your life story.

Offer to Aset
Please give Aset an offering for answering your question either when you send it or after you receive the results. Or if you are so inclined, offer to Her both times.

Offerings to Aset
fruit juices or smoothies
sweet wine

eggs (by themselves; this is just my personal experience or UPG)

Why should we ask you to channel for Aset?
Sometimes we are too close to a situation so it's hard to hear the answer or we only hear the answer we want to hear, not the one actually being given. It's good to get outside confirmation once in awhile. It helps us stay honest in our dealings with the Holy Powers.

Some things about me
I have been worshiping Aset for 10 years. I have been researching Her academically and historically as well as through UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) for more than 10 years.

I'm only doing the Work that Aset has asked of me. This does not make me morally superior to anyone. This means I have a specific skill-set in which I can do a specific job. I get messages through written oracles and dreams mostly.

I am not trying to impede on your relationship with Aset by offering this service.

I ask for a small fee for my time and for the cost of offerings. Please pay on a sliding scale $10-25 dollars per reading. I accept Paypal and money orders. Please email me at lotusjewel4 @ gmail.com if you would like a reading.

May Aset's Blessings be yours,


My readings are meant as a guide and an aide to help you in your life. They are not a substitute for medical professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists or any other such person. My readings are also subjective in nature as I am the one who is channeling this information. The readings will reflect the current situation. Situations change and one reading may be different from another because of this.


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Oct. 24th, 2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
This really fits you. And the description of your services is perfect. The only question I would have is: When a client presents a specific question, how much background story do you need? Do you wish to hear ONLY the specific question, or do you want/need the entire back story?

I remember when you helped me a year or so ago. I really appreciated that, and the advice and information you gave me shaped my practice immensely. I think its wonderful that you do these things for others. You really have a gift, not just with communicating with Aset, but with other people as well.
Oct. 24th, 2011 10:03 pm (UTC)
Re: :D
Thank you for your compliments. I'm glad I could help you out.

I'm not sure. How much information is enough? What needs to be said for someone to get across what they need to communicate the problem or question they wish answered? I want enough information that I understand the question, but not a 12 year life story.

If someone needs to explain backstory to help frame the question, then that's great. If someone else can get their point across in just a question then that's great too. I guess this will be different depending on the person.

But a clear question, identifying the issue at hand in a clear way is the best way to go.

How about the question and any backstory one wishes to provide that helps frame the question?

Is that more clear or less?

Thank you for your feedback.
Oct. 27th, 2011 04:44 am (UTC)
Re: :D
That's definitely helpful.

I asked because some people are more inclined to give as little information as possible, and others want to tell you everything they possibly can. But the way you've put it (basically, if you're willing to give background information you only need enough of it to understand the question) sets limits on how much of an explanation you might need (if its needed at all).

I think of these things because I'm one of those terribly long winded folks.
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